Natural Vitality Australia in an Australian boutique contract manufacturer of innovative health foods and nutraceuticals intended for the health and wellness market. Our team is equipped with the expertise and facilities to turn your idea in reality, with a measure of advice, recommendation and refinement along the way.

Our experienced research and development team can help you with research and development of new, customised products or reformulation and improvement to our current products.

Our clients may come to us with a developed concept and require us to manufacture it for them. Others arrive with an idea or intention and are looking for assistance to develop the product to achieve the goals they have in mind. Either way, we are proud to continue to have an open-door policy to our existing and potential clients. We invite you to contact us at whatever stage your project is at, so we can assist with formulating a solution.

A business that values honest

We strive to abide by guidelines set by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). We can create functional foods and nutraceuticals to suit your needs, as long as you specifically require a food product, and not a therapeutic or medicinal product.

We can develop products for specific dietary requirements – vegan, paleo, gluten free, nut free and organic.



We can produce customised formulations for new product offerings or that match your existing product portfolio. We aim to keep the entire process as simple and straightforward as possible. Our simplified process is the reason why many clients repeat business with us.

Concept Briefing & Product Development

Discussion of concept and formulation for your project. If you do not have a formulation our R&D team get to work on devising a formula that meets your requirements. We will discuss suitable product packing and labelling. At this stage we will also advise if we will be able to contact manufacture the product for you.

Review & Costing

Once we have finalised your formula and attained the necessary regulatory approval, we will provide you with a manufacturing agreement and a formal quote. The R&D team will also advise if the formula meets with the regulatory requirements of the foods standards and doesn’t infringe into TGA standards.

Product Samples

We will create samples of the product formulation so that you can see, touch and taste your product!

Labelling Design & Packaging

- Some clients supply their own product labels and packaging. However, if you require product labels we have a graphic design on site to assist in the design of your labels.

Manufacturing Phase

If you are happy to proceed, we then go into the production phase. This stage takes 4-8 weeks from date of order for us the ensure raw materials are ordered and in our warehouse for production. We will keep you informed as to the progress and an expected delivery date.


Your product is ready for shipment or alternatively you can collect your product from our Brisbane facility.


When your stock levels are low, reordering is a simple matter of placing an order with your unique product code and the volume you require.

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